NHL playoffs

Are going to be around very soon, who are you rooting for? Who do you hope to win in a series? What are some of your predictions? :smiley:

Are the teams set yet? I see the Rangers are in

Not fully set just yet, I am just excited that itā€™s happening within two weeks! The only time of the season where I truly feel pumped up :smiley: I want Calgary and Boston to be sucessful this year crosses fingers :ninja

Well, I have my favs:


NHL a link to the standingsā€¦ there are only a few games left in the seasonā€¦

I am excited that the Jackets are going in for the first time in their franchise history. I really donā€™t want the Oilers to make it in and glad they arenā€™t since it means the coach is likely going to be firedā€¦ FINALLY :thumbup

Anyway San Jose and the Wings bore me to tears whenever they make it in, will the Flames actually make it past round one? :24:

Out East I am only really rooting for Boston and the Capitalsā€¦ I wonder if Boston and Habs will actually do a series togetherā€¦ that will be gold to me :smiley:

im saying the finals are gonna beā€¦

flyers vs canucks