Nice burnout in a SRT4.........NOT



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haha, it was funny at the biggining when the clutch began to burn up and a guy in the crowd says, “what are you doing!” then the crowd laughs at him… :rofl

thats the classic “insult after injury” lol


lol that sucks… thats why you dont race a 4 door


Re: RE: Nice burnout in a SRT4…NOT

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He burns up his clutch? (didn’t bother to watch it) I’ve seen a video of some dousche in a Trans Am do that too.

He thought it was his tires and kept right on going.


im just pickin on the neon :fu


I seen a kid in a riced out civic do it at our track on TNT night. He locked the E-brake then dumped the clutch and reved for about 8-10 seconds and never ONCE rolled a tire over. It got all quiet and everyone looked at eachother and was like “wtf?”. Classic moment in ricer history. Ive seen other cars do it too but its funnier when its rice. :smiley: