Nice Weekend y0!


For those of you who don’t go to MM that much (SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!)

So Saturday night was rather eventful for me.

Decided we were going to go bowling again. But before we could go, we had to wait till 10 for league to be overwith to get a lane.

So I met up with my friend Brian. We cruised around Ft Wayne for a while.

Ended up at Meijer off of US37 a half mile from my place.

Walked down the gaming aisle, played Forza and whatnot. Then we tagged through the cars/tools section.

I ended up picking up this really sweet ratcheting screwdriver with assloads of attachments. Phillips, Flat heads, you name it. It also came with a snake flex to reach hard places and an attachments for standard socket sizes, which will come in handy at work (Demark boxes sometimes have a hex nut you need to losen).

I also found a two pack of levels for 3 bucks. I sometimes need a level to see if the boards I’m putting on walls are level or not. Comes in handy, since I suck at seeing things straight while standing there against the wall holding the board, a screw and a drill just trying to get it secured.

Anyway, I went and paid and on the way out I stopped by and bought a redhot 5s Hoosier lottery ticket (which I’ve NEVER won on). Scratched it off and won 20 bucks. So once I turn that in, I’m gonna deposit the 20 winnings and put it towards my credit card, paying off the screw driver and level I just bought. lol sweet action.

Then we decided to drive around a little bit more and ended up at Best Buy where I decided to get Seether’s new album Disclaimer II. I gotta tell you guys… why the FUCK did I not pick this cd up earlier?!?

20 songs, with two versions of Broken. One with Seether themselves, and one featuring Amy Lee from Evanescence (Haaaaaawt!).

Some chinese guy kept walking up to me asking how I’m doing and shit. Acting all gangster with the lean and the hand motions thinking he’s the shit. All he really was was annoying. lol

So as I pay and leave Best Buy we’re walking to my Si and I see a four door Green Integra GSR 5 speed had parked right next to me. I know why he did it. Honda commradery. Hell yeah. I wish I could have gotten that car. a FoDo GSR 5 speed… hell yeah, utility, 170 horses, 5 speed… That’s what I was lookin for when I bought the Si as a matter of fact.

Ok enough of that shit you don’t care about. :lmao

Ended up at Georgetown Bowling Alley around 9:40. We got in 12 games and finished at 12:40.

Out of twelve games I had a few shit games of under 100, had a 114, a 13x, 157 and a 161. Two of my personal BEST games. That 161 game consisted of 5 strikes, many spares and an overall best damn game ever. I impressed myself, but Brian still took the cake with his 4 strike, numerous spare game of 172. The fucker had two strikes in the 10th frame alone. I couldn’t goddamn believe it. To top it all off, some 18+ chick walks in with a bunch of friends in a low cut shirt and AT least, I swear, 38DDs. That shit threw me off. Holy Goddamn. Everynow and then her friend and her would go up to the alley, bend straight over and push the ball down the lane. :smiley:

So after that we end up at IHOP off Lima Road to meet Brian and my friend, Wes. We sat there and drank coffee for 2 hours and bullshitted. I had a Double BLT (which was gone in 5 minutes, I was starving from all the excercize.) Then Wes and I went into a little bit of negotiating.

My plans for the car: 1.5" drop, 16" rims.
His wants for my car: 2" drop, 18" rims.

He tried to meet me half way at 2" drop, 17" rims, but I won’t budge off my 16s, but I did decide on the 2" since I can fit 4 fingers in my gap now, and I barely want to fit 1 finger in.

So I think I’m going to get some coilovers which will give me a 0-4" drop, and put it down 2" so that you can just baaaaaarely see any fender gap. Hopefully I can mate those with 16" rims running 205/40/16s (which are about the same height as my 195/55/15s) without much or any fender rubbing.

Then today I get up and my brother had rented a rug doctor thanks to the Cocker-bastard-Spaniel who likes to piss all over the carpets. I started cleaning up my room to make way for the carpet cleaning and I found Trust Company’s The Lonely Position of Neutral CD in one of my boxes I hadn’t unpacked. wtf? I didn’t buy it, but apparently my sister in law had given it to me a while back. So Basically, I made out with two cd’s in one day. lol

So all in all, I made out pretty well. I had 75 from my check on thursday, and I have a 10 left on Sunday, but I have a ratcheting screwdriver/socket set, a new CD, and had fun saturday night bowling and hanging out.

Oh and in a few weeks when my bills are paid off and my last monthly check is mine, I’ll be heading to the strip club to see some titties. That should be fun.

Sunday night was not to be left out. Around 7:30 or so a friend of a friend calls me. Out of the blue. Someone who I never would have thought to call me to want to hang out, calls me.

We went to Wrigleys bar and grille on State street and played a few games of pool. 5 to be exact. The final tally? 3 and 3. She’s a GOOD pool player, and I beat her twice. First game I won I had a ratio of 4-1 and the 8 ball left on the table, and I came back in one turn to win it. I couldn’t believe it.

So as we’re getting through our first pitcher her friend (Stacey) Shows up. We continue to sit around and drink and smoke. After my 3rd beer I feel like shit so I ordered a Philly steak n Cheese… and…

HOLY SHIT it was GOoooooooooood. I started to feel better so I drank another beer as Stacey and Vonnie did Karaoke. Short while later my friend Brian shows up (Vonnie is Brians friend, and my friend of a friend.)

Fun times, but then out of nowhere my name gets called and I have to go up and sing Achy Breaky heart. I didn’t know the song so I was fuckin it up bad. lol

Then there was the whole drama part about Vonnie not being allowed at Wes’s (Brians roommate) house and she calls him. The hiliarity insued. All in all it was a great time and I wasn’t even buzzed after 4 mugs.

That sammich was great, was only 5 bucks for it and chips too.

How was your weekend?


good times :smiley:


old news :smiley:


ummm… :gay


ummm… :gay[/quote]

Pervert. :fu


ummm… :gay[/quote]

Pervert. :fu[/quote]



school ended thursday, so me and my friend eric meyer went to his house and decided to go around the neighborhood and see whoever else decided to stay home on that night. so we found two other guys and decided to play football in eric yard, but then we found out nobody had a football at their house but me, and my place was 25 minutes away. so we wen’t around the asking neighbors for one, but nobody had one. we finally drove down to Smith’s and got the cheapest one we could find ($15.95), and headed back and played ball 2X2. clark and alex left like before midnight, and when we finally sat down eric and me realized how hungry we were :tard . he didn’t have a car and mine was back home, so we decided to WALK to nearest restaurant.

thanks to my mother and dad I’m 19.

well we walked for like a minute and then we see a car stop right by, so we were like “WTF^^?” it turned out to be Zack, the kid in my pre-calc class. he gave us a ride to Wendy’s

:tard :tard :tard mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm triple bacon with fries and sprite, biggie :tard season was over so I could drink soda for a before wrestling would start.

best meal of my life

next day we went to the gym and lifted, and lifted, and lifted, then we got bored and it turned out to be 4:00 pm, so we went to barbacoa and had a blast :smiley: but then, you know, “what to do for friday night?” so went to see Jarhead with on of my best friends Steph and Brian, I know them forever. Pretty good movie.

next day I went home and rested, went to my church and helped make saturday night dinner with the youth group, and helped my dad around the house. next day I went to church like you guys, and did my homework, and mowed my neighbors lawn, they have a big territory, so they gave me all $100 for the work :smiley:

and that was my weekend