Nickelodeon Power Down

Nickelodean wants every kid around the world to turn off every light tomorrow night at 9 for 60 seconds… God forbid they miss any of their programming :24:

at 9? like 9pm or 9am? if its either or i’d say what the fuck as either they should be in school or in bed. lol

9pm LOL

omg then what the hell are they thinking!!! like omg they should be in bed!

I’m 14 I don’t go to bed until like 10.

so this isn’t like treehouse stuff then… my sons 11 and i make him go to bed at 9 if not sooner.

I’ll show Nickelodeon. I’m gonna stay up till 12 tonight.:smiley:

My whole point is that they want people to turn off everything for 60 seconds for Earth Day. 60 seconds isn’t very long…

Here in Oz the lights go off for an hour…, we’ve been doing it for a few years now

Its great to watch it on TV and see Sydney virtually disappear into darkness

For a child (even a teenager) it is.

No kid will, because if their parents tell them to then they’ll want an explanation as to why, followed by lots of questions.

Plus, 9pm, something far better has to be on, it’s prime time after all.

9pm! Nickelodeon? What person that watches Nickelodeon is awake at 9pm? Seriously.

And Elle, I enjoy watching it too! When I don’t forget, that is. Which is almost every year. Oops.