No music forum?


I’ve noticed that one of our newest members mentioned that he is into music and that he would like to discuss it with others through private messaging. But what if we had a whole section for that instead? Then everyone can join in and argue about music all they want, perhaps introduce new genres or something. Well you know - get people away from present day’s crappy pop and rap culture and listen to something good instead.


rap is decent, its not crap :dunno

first topic in the music section lol :smiley:


No no, only SOME rap is decent. But inconceivable, I don’t consider it music. Just random chatter, accompanied by weak beats and filled with some really racist, sexist and stereotypical comments.


what else is there :booze

j/k man, j/k :blah


I’m the new member he’s talking about!

Anyways, down with rap and up with metal!


Re: RE: No music forum?

[quote=Jeth]I’m the new member he’s talking about!

Anyways, down with rap and up with metal![/quote]
Pfft, you said it man! :rock


ill tilt one back for dimebag darrell


I think it would be a good section


Hooray, an admin finally answered. A good admin for that matter :smiley:


highfives Legoman



like classic rock :rock


Yeah, even I sometimes take a break from my loud ass metal and listen to good old fashioned rock classics. It’d be nice to post all this in a music section though ::hint hint, admins :banana ::


Classic rock ain’t bad.


Re: RE: No music forum?


No, not like classic rock.[/quote]

Lol shut up, ANYTHING FOR A MUSIC FORUM! That’s all I’m trying to do right now.



How dare you accuse me of saying such things!!!


well i sorta have a music forum that no one goes to. heres the link to it:

join up!!