North Korea Escalation


I meant Israel on Iran.

For some reason I was under the misapprehension that Israel had attacked Iran’s reactors in the past, so yeah, ignore that bit. :stuck_out_tongue:


Obviously not. I would suggest an interim government, with open elections for a democratic parliament, at the same time as electing people from across the country to draft a constitution.


Composed of whom? All those with political skill and knowledge are members of the current ruling party.

The North Korean people know next to nothing of democracy.

Same problem as the first issue, who’s going to write this constitution? The North isn’t famed for its legal scholars.


Are you seriously suggesting that a nation which has been cut off from the rest of the world and ruled by a one party state which uses racial propaganda to rally the population is going to be able to provide an “interim government” which will “draft a constitution?”


So democratically elect a continuation of the current administration because the entire population is brainwashed into loyalty-or-death to the Kim family and Juche.


What you are proposing would be ideal. However, the circumstances in North Korea, make it damn near, if not completely, impossible.


Seems possible that Nuclear Missiles might just destroy Kim Jong Un without firing.


Hi everyone, I have actually written an article regarding China’s recent constitutional amendments. I hope this will further your interest and knowledge: