Norwegian Right wins election


With 95% of votes counted, the coalition of the centre-right Conservatives and the right-wing Progressives has been re-elected with the latter offering their support again as a minor in a coalition.

The Labour party hoped for big gains, but in the end lost six seats, putting them at 49, the lowest they’ve had since 2001.

Both the governing partners lost seats, the Conservatives down by three and Progressives down by one. The Progressives, who are right-wing populist, however gained in the popular vote.

The Marxist Red Party won 2.4% of the vote and got a seat in the Parliament.

The Socialist Left Coalition won 6% of the vote and gained 4 seats, adding to their existing 7.

The Centre Party won 10% of the vote and gained 8 seats, adding to their existing 10.

The Christian Democrats lost two seats.


Conservatives: Cameronite conservatives, socially liberal, economically liberal

Progressives: UKIP. Economically liberal, socially centrist, immigration gtfo

Centre: Trump/Le Pen without the constant immigration focus. Hardline eurosceptics & protectionists.

Labour: Blair but with a recent shift to the left. Basically Labour.

Socialist Left: Bernie pre-election

Marxist: Speaks for itself

Christian Democrats: Speaks for itself. Merkel.


Not really a surprise to be honest. A couple of the Labour policies were off putting to centrist voters, and with the rise of terror threats, FrP are understandably popular.