Nose bleed!

just got out the show sat down to go on OTz and woosh blood everywhere…
nose bleeds are yucky… i used to get them all the time

Pics or it never happened lol …

obv. not of the nose bleed :smiley:

so u want a pic of me looking normal again to prove that i had a nose bleed…

just you coming out the shower will suffice…:ninja lol

lol!!!.. i see. i didnt pick up on that silly me


i have a head ache…so im eatin all my easter eggs :slight_smile:

now SB… no 1 needs to see that… i dont need to make another grown man cry from seeing me nakey

i think i’d be smiling


the doctor says ill have nose bleeds if i stop sticking my finger up there

it could be caused by stress or lack of sleep by the way

i think its cos i got a cold coming on. cos i got a head ache n sore sinuses… i am also stressin about gettin all my work done b4 paris…

u taken anything for it?

nopes… not yet… ill just eat chocolate n feel sorry for my self for a while… also asprin thins the blood… which is why u give it to ppl who are having heart attacks… i thin kif i get nose bleeds… asprin would be the wrong thing to take…

Some one know there first aid lol :slight_smile:

Choclate and sympathy are the best cures for the common british cold lol

i think i read it in a magazine… then the nose thing was just common sense… i like the chocolate 1… it works well