Not getting responsises in automotive section so


Alright folks i need your help. I have a 1986 mustang gt with t-tops. It runs fair, i think just a tune up and it would run fine. Problem is it needs brake work done, replace carpet, replace headliner, possible replace dash, dash lights don’t work, speedometer and tach don’t seem to work up to par, its primer gray right now, needs a little body work done too: just fix a little surface rust and a few small dents. Question is should i dump alot of monies into this or save that towards a newer mustang 99+ that i would get in january of next year??? i’ve had this mustang since 2002 and its killing me just seeing it sitting in the back yard. I Need your help guys. Also if you think i should try to get it in running order how much do you think it would cost to get it in running order.

P.S. i absolutely love this car, but i want a mustang very bad and don’t know what the best decision is gonna be…
:gears :gears :dunno :dunno


get a 99+ gt, but not an ugly 2005


yeah, really startin to think that way, and haven’t got the money for an 05, but would love one :frowning:


well if money is an issue- the 05 is outta question :dunno
and BTW, 05s are hella powerful- over 300 hp…

anyways… it would end up costing a ton of 4 to fix up that car you got sitting. how much money do you have to spend?


but they are ugly … like :barf 'ing ugly


eh, i like it, but like i said…no monies=teh suck at the rate i’m going now it’ll still be january before 1. i can comfortably purchase a new used car 2. afford the insurance on a newer mustang.


i cant answer your question… BUT im sure joe can… or someone else…



if you dont wonta restore the vert … then i would go for a 87 - 93 fox 5.0 5 speed those are good to play with and are easy to work on :smiley: :smiley:


well if you are going to pay other people, which i am assuming you will, to get running, body work, interior work, and paint- it would be cheaper for the short run to get a newer stang. but with an older one- insurance will be lower, and when you fix it up, if it is well taken care of- well it is perfect. and chances are- if you find a newer stang for sell, it will probably have problems with it that need to be addressed as well. for instance when i got my car- right off the bat- new alternator, oil change… thats 80 bucks from the start. not a lot, but then registering for lisence plate and all that, insurance… it adds up. id personally stick with is sitting in your yard


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but in that case, what good is it :dunno


perfectly awesome once fixed… i thought the question was… “fix or buy new?”

i say fix


i think i’m gonna fix, just don’t want to get 2000$ bux in the hole and still not be on the road yet. Savin 250 from every paycheck until july i will be able to have 2000 to spend to fix the stang… i figure first 500 for finishing up brake work that needs to be done, along with getting a good tune up, next 500 i’ll spend on carpet/headliner/dash. 1000 bux left, haven’t got a clue what to do about the dash light problem - that’ll go to a mechanic or something - i figure 250 at the least for that fix, 750 left and i still need new tires all around and paint… :dunno :dunno :dunno this car is gonna drive me insane…if fix this that = no car payment and stuff, awesome means i can afford mods sooner, and still race my go kart. still its a very hard decicion…


fix… and save like 100 from every paycheck after it si fixed so you can enjoy it even more.


yeah, i’ve almost compleytly decided to do that. i called the bank last week and had them put 250 from each of my checks into my brothers savings account, that way i cant take it out. was workin good till i realized before i started putin monies away i needed tires for my truck, so i had to take 200 back out…dammit. now, no toys till july, i think i can do it…at least i have a good goal :banana :banana


now anyone who knows about fixin old broken cars, do those prices look right or not? thier just very uneducated guesses


Well good start Matt one piece at a time …Summit , mustang Unlimited , Jegs … good places to start :lol :lol


yeah, i got a copy of each of those sitting on the table by my bed, i look at them every night… :gears :gears


when i was working on my 91 and 85 i lived with the Summit and Mustang unlimited … those are the balm … But you know looking throught a copy of MM&FF some times helps also they have some good ads :smiley: :smiley: Oh and 5.0 as well


yeah, i’m never without my copy of mm&ff believe me, i have one of the nightstands in my room full of nothing but mm&ff issues dating back to early 2003.


:lol :lol me to i have books and mags from id say back 5 years have 2 milk crates with mags … and most of the project books as well as a full copy of the books they have at the dealerships for the 88 model …So ive figured if i dig i could find just about anything heheheheheheheh :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: