NRL Australia

[SIZE=7]It’s Football Season in Australia and its bigger then ever! what team do you all go for?? I got for the Bulldogs!!! and the Roosters :slight_smile:[/SIZE]


West Ham!:smiley:

Come on the bunnies… blah to you bulldog supporter, mind you I am only 10 minutes from Bankstown.


Go the bulldogs! Go the Bulldogs!

and blah to the bunnies! dogs like eating rabbits… go the bulldogs! woof woof!

GO the Broncos… !!!
They up against the Storm Tonite at Suncorp… Reigning Premiers are gonna fire up.
Its better to get that slump over and done with…
Broncs > dodgies i mean dogies…

[SIZE=6]The stupid dogs lost already! 18 -34 [/SIZE]
[SIZE=6]and the storms already won 28 - 18[/SIZE]
[SIZE=6]Oh well next time the dogs will win hopefully, they did beat Parramatta by just, and its hard to beat Parramatta, they are a strong team… [/SIZE]
[SIZE=6]Go The Bulldogs!!! [/SIZE]

Come on the Bunnies.


The bunnies are actually doing better than I anticipated. They might even miss out on the wooden spoon this year.

Bunnies - Top 8 this year - No 1 next year.


I’m confused. That’s not football :slight_smile:

Yeah it is mate well Its Rugby
Football in its origin is wat we call soccer now hence the foot n ball… but they all have different names now… but over in Oz Footy is usually Rugby in general… :wink:

Ok here is what we call the different codes of football.

Rugby League - footy, league
Rugby Union - rugby, union
Australian Rules - aussie rules
American Football - gridiron
Association Football - soccer (note: most people think that it was the Americans that first called it this but it actually started in England), some people refer to it as wogball but it’s not very PC.
Gaelic Football - gaelic football (go figure).


Well that’s friggin confusing. This is football:

That’s not football, that’s two sissy’s with way too much padding exerting themselves for 20 seconds at a time trying to run 10 yards.


hee hee


Yup, I’m with Sharpies, that’s just a nancies version of rugby but they make it easier by stopping for a rest every 20 seconds and wear kelvar vests!:wink: