Nude pics in the Airport


With new x-ray machines being installed across the country as we speak, soon they will get to see you naked, check out these pics of the new technology:


good. I don’t fly and probably never will. lol


even if i had a knife, my huge package would distract the photo-taker


thats the terrahertz wavelength things…

and put me on control of the one the hot chicks get scanned on :banana :booze


Re: RE: Nude pics in the Airport

Ive never flown either. Have no intentions unless I absoltely have to.


I don’t see anything. How good are they in good shots with girls?


I can already hear it now, people whining because they feel violated. :tard

I’d rather be safe than sorry though, and I don’t fly all that much so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. Although, it would be kinda weird if someone started smiling at me because they saw me naked. lol.


:smiley: …Now I am just waiting to see you naked :smiley: