I went to see OAR last night at a local college… they are absolutely fucking awesome…

Their music is reminds me alot of Sublime, only a little more jazzy and a little less Reggea. It’s just the kind of music that puts you in a good mood, and makes you want to chill out on the beach and drink margaritas.

If they happen to going to your city during their tour, I definetly recommend going…


are they new? i love bands like sublime and 3-11.


They’re not uber-famous, but they do have 4 CDs and a DVD out.

If you want to sample their sound, my favorite song is “Crazy Game of Poker”
If you like Sublime and 311, which are two of my favorites might I add, then you’ll definetly like OAR…


sweet, yea they def are teh shiz. ive been waiting for a good band 2 come out. most of the stuff nowadays kinda sound the same. although sounds like they arent that new ill definitely check em out.


what are some other good singles they have out?


what town do u live in and i’ll look on the back of the shirt i bought and see if they’re playing or have played there…


oh yeah and you can check out the dates on www.ofarevolution.com too


cocoa beach, florida


aw, closest state rof the rest of the tour is Kentucky…

oh well, maybe next year lol


yes indeed :rock


I tried to hear the their samples, but they had no sound. :dunno


one word, ARES


i’ve used Ares, but I prefer WinMX