Odd, but no complaints from me


Ever since I bought the Civic I’ve always thought it needed a tune up… it just never seemed to run right.

I got one CEL for the engine for a Cyl 1 misfire, but it went away after only showing once.

Through the year and a half I’v ehad the car I’d average between 23 and 28 mpg filling up every week. This is mainly due to my harsh slamming of gearing and seeing quite a big of my 8000 rpm redline.

Well, yesterday I beat the hell out of it, today I beat the hell out of it. Then I filled up after 175 miles and put in 5.something gallons in it… effectively popping me JUST over 30 mpg. I couldn’t believe it, I’ve NEVER gotten that kind of mileage. Lately I’d been seeing 25, 28, and even 29.

I’m confused, because right now I’m 4 grand over my 60k mile marker, which means I’m in need of a tune up… yet 30 mpg. God I love it.


i get like 10 to 15 mpg usually just because i accelerate fast.


congrats on that… The pump may have kicked off early though and it didn’t really fill your car up. I guess you will find out next trip to the station. Thats why its best to calculate it over 3 or 4 fills up


that makes my ass hurt!


nah I stood there holding the pump, so it didn’t kick off.

I’m usually around 150-165 miles at half tank (my tank is only 11.9 gallons) but on that I got the 175 and was just over half a tank.