Off to the race track


wish me luck. so i can have a reason to keep racing.


good luck dude! may your victories be swift and merciless.


be careful of the ricers…



Good luck dood. :smiley:


well, just got back. didn’t do so good tonight, well sorta…i pulled another .5 seconds off my laptimes so now i’m only a second or so from the leader(until lately i had been 2 to 3 seconds off the leader) but i blew my freaken crank case gasket on the seventh lap of the race (20 laps) and got oil all over my rear tire. sent me spinning in circles at about 60 mph. fun stuff. i had to leave the track after the tenth lap so i didn’t blow my motor. before i blew the gasket i had already gained two positions so i was actually doing good this time. so now i get to rebuild my motor this week so i can get back out there and get bettah. oh well, thats go kart racing for ya i guess.


Thats all part of racing man. I have many friends who race stock cars and they have to do that shit to thier cars all the time. Get expensive and kind of monotonous (or however you spell it). Of course,they all tell me the same thing about drag racing. :dunno Go figure :tard


very true. but as expensive as it is, its worth it. i love being on the race track, even if it is only in a go kart.


100MPH Go Carts rock :rock


hells yeah :gears


holy shit… 100mph… damn :gears :gears :banana