Official Political Compass Thread


Yes, we have thousands of these but I thought I would make a new official thread and it will be pinned for new users!

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This is my political compass as of 16th October 2016. A tad more authoritarian but that’s probably because my stance on the death penalty has changed.

Economic Left/Right: -6.5
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 5.64




nuh uh


Damn that’s an awful insult.


You should totally pin this thread btw.



Done :slight_smile:



Not right enough for the libertatians.


I don’t stick to my -isms, only use them to describe my beliefs.





ewwww no



Trot v2


0 to +2.5 on Left/Right.
-2.0 to -3.0 on Auth/Lib.

Don’t have the picture version to hand, but that’s where I usually fall.


oh no not you too :disappointed:


This compass has been shown to be flawed with a left libertarian bias (via loaded questions) , but its still quite indicative of your general political values,

In comparison to say the spekr compass that has hard ideological questions that are neutral.