Official Political Compass Thread


Had a political Ephiny?


Wow that’s 1 whole % to the left! Well on my way to becoming ancom :confused:


Lmao wtf happened to you


Green Party!


lol jokes i just watched a documentary about poverty in glasgow today so


Even I don’t like the greens

Gulag 4 u




Don’t like their rhetoric, over here their candidate had a warrant for vandalism or something, they’re a social democrat party, and they’re anti-union. (Like, British union)

Also not too keen on their expressed progressivism.


Did you mean regressionism?


Not entirely keen on that rhetoric either.


Full of ideologues, their cause is a good one but they are often terrible debaters and moralists, The leader of the german green party is facing the risk of a coup because she says that she thinks not all Muslims can integrate into german society due to Islam’s incompatibility with liberal society, her party accused her of “taking on the rhetoric of the right”, im not joking. Thats how regressive they are, they are willing to turn on their leader for a common political stance in europe.


Chocolate cookies? If so I’m definitely sold. Hopefully they’ll keep coming.


You should read “Homage to Catalonia” by George Orwell.


Embrace it!


Soc dem is the only way forward for me.

Love my apple too much.

Or I could become a champagne socialist!!! :wink:


Everything about that answer was disappointing. :joy:


You know what they say disappointing things come in threes!


Ah, then you must have two other parts.


I think it went over your head a tad


Wew lad, we’re back in the blue after a two year hiatus.