Official Political Compass Thread


Oh no you dont! drags you back down with drugs and sex


Fucking Hitler here





What test is that?



I stopped a third of the way through… theres only so many bourgeois questions I can take.


It put me too economically left, so idk.




Lol what a joke. “Parents should be free to abuse children without government intervention” Strongly disagree = less authoritarian. Oh and hey guys I’m a progressive now @Flavia gib me some rainbow books would you


Pretty sure that was the point.[quote=“Champion, post:497, topic:107698”]
@Flavia gib me some rainbow books would you

If only I had any.


I like how Spekr asks “the practices of eminent domain and civil asset forfeiture should be abolished” and agreeing with that puts you to the right economically?

How does that make any sense


Spekr has the most biased questions I can possibly think of, jesus


Whoever made this test can get thrown in a fucking gulag.



Lol yeah I didn’t understand that

Mfw more centrist than @Joshrune


Spekr agrees that economic laws and intervention are authoritarian in nature and factors that in, civil asset forfeiture and eminent domain are very strong powers the state has over private property rights and specifically target them when they were made. So it is accurate to place you more to the right, because you believe in that economic freedom



Why would that not just place me down? That’s an authoritarian view, not an economic one. I disagree with civil asset forfeiture on a libertarian-left basis, not a free market one.