Official Political Compass Thread


Because the paradigm of most political compasses go with economic liberalism on the right economic authoritarianism on the left, social authoritarianism at the top social liberalism at the bottom.


I get that, I just don’t think civil asset forfeiture should be considered an economic issue is all


It’s a law targeted at private property, making it by definition an economic issue.


I don’t think private property is inherently an economic issue, the right to own a gun or a knife or certain vehicles certainly isnt an economic issue



The difference is that a gun/knife is personal property and can’t really be socialised in the same way private property can. Private property is both an economic and social issue, as restricting private property is quite authoritative, and socialising/privatising it is obviously an economic issue, and those usually go hand-in-hand in regards to private property. So private property is as much an inherent economic issue as it is a social issue.



Economic Left/Right: -1.5
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.26

So green without the ridiculous economics I guess…


We’re actually in the same place…


You have any idea who to vote for in May then cus I’m still looking for inspiration…


I vote Lib Dem but it’s down to your personal preference and who you prefer.

Locally I tend to think twice about who I’d vote for but 9 times out of 10 I’d vote for my local independent candidate who is the only one on the council who gets shit done.


Random Question: what do you think about the idea of direct democracy where there are still government representatives, but the general public votes on bills?


I support it, so long as we have a population responsible enough to vote.


That’s a fast u-turn

How appropriate





The public are dumb.

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My Spekr estimation is pretty much the same as the other compass test I did. I think this is confirmation that I am most certainly on the left of the spectrum.



like 4 points more libertarian and 1 point more left and we’re equal