Official Political Compass Thread



centrism intensifies


How boring :frowning:


/>yfw it’s cause I have fairly syncretic views based on evidence instead of ideology


Ben, what did I tell you about trying to use empiricism to justify or dismiss cultural practices? Science uses empirical methods, but empiricism is bullshit.




/>yfw I didn’t do that



Pretty much.


Pretty much what I expected, although sometimes this compass seems biased toward libertarian-left. Heck, Sargon of Akkad got lib-left and he does nothing but complain about left-wingers.



Economically, the perfect centrist. Bravo to myself for getting that. Socially it seems I’ve become fairly more permissive again.



what the hell happened to you


Same thing that happened to you comrade, capitalism’s flaws are not reconcilable and we cannot ethically keep it around. We will be dead from climate change or have vastly poorer lives, the proletariat will suffer the most and the capitalists will always be able to manipulate society into their favour.


I cant tell how serious you are anymoreg


I am being serious, I am a socialist.


so you just became a socialist? Seems like a rather giant shift


but will you up the ra




If they dont kill innocent civilians sure :slight_smile: .