Official Political Compass Thread


It wasnt sudden, it was a gradual change, largely assisted by my time spent with leftypol and the left international. I finally decided to through away “muh free markets”.


So the guy who always said “come to the dark side” left the dark side?


Socialism is the real dark side, its even on one of our main flags :smiley:


the real question is whether you’re still a nationalist


No need for a nation under free association, so no thanks. Still patriotic though.


Here’s mine, by the way.



Why do u support the toires then ? According to that you are way close to LibDem/Lab than right wing tories.


Tories seemed overall a much better choice. Better for the economy, tougher on terrorism, better foreign policy.


examples ? I still don’t get how a political compass only puts u one point to the right of me (as im like -2.2) but u support the tory party which is in no way left wing.

For terrorism I think both parties are not offering much difference (May has mentioned in a speech internet regulation but I doubt that will happen in the next parliament due to time) other wise labour are going further in terms of police protection anyway.


Your devilish plan worked, to slowly draw me in with dank memes, then blammo with socialist ideas theory and criticisms of capitalism. :wink:



I could never have predicted this.

The equation of progressives social issues with scientific progress is asinine. America could put all it’s gay people to death and it would still be more literate than the Congo after gay marriage adoption. Gay marriage is a side-effect of the collapse of religious authority under scientific inquiry- not the other way around.



Haven’t updated mine in a while, so I might as well



You like that fence much :joy:


since I am no longer technically a scientific racist (not because I think scientific racism is wrong, but because it can not actually be proven right - yet), my views have changed a bit and that is ultimately reflected here (compare with my last 8values results). Went from Nationalist to Patriotic. Still a Centrist economically, but a bit more on the ‘Equality’ side than ‘Markets’ (I also have gotten a little more Leftist since the last time I took this test in economic terms). I became less Authoritarian, some how (I think I’m still just as Authoritarian as I was then), and I went from ‘Very Traditional’ to ‘Neutral’ on the Societal Axis (I think I’m really just as socially conservative/liberal as I was the last time I took this test, I just put agree to same-sex marriage this time, really). Overall a shift to the Left in all ways.

I went from ‘Fascist’ to ‘Right-Wing Populist’. :slight_smile:


Why so heavy on the authority?



I actually just took it again, I got a little bit more pro-market for some reason, I got just slightly less patriotic, I got even more statist, and I got more traditional.

I still get Right-Wing Populist - apparently still not Statist enough for Fascism :frowning: I think maybe because I’m less Nationalistic now - and that is a big component of Fascism. I’m sure I’m close to Fascism, though, regardless (heck, I consider myself a quasi-fascist, I’m just not imperialistic enough to be a true fascist).

Anyways, I’m a tried and true Authoritarian and have been for awhile. It’s the best way to get shit done and I love effective dictators with cults of personalities. If they are of good moral character then there’s nothing to worry about. Statism just goes wrong when you get Atheists like Stalin, Hitler, etc. in there.

In the mean time, I should also take the spekr test:

lol, I think it’s confusing my Traditionalist Authoritarianism with SJWism.