Official Political Compass Thread


Basically pretty similar to how I’ve been most of the year. Glad to see my ideology seems to be setting.



#nearly pure centrism




I always shift on economic issues


r u now commie???


No. I’d take Pinochet over a commie and he’s like +8 econ


I think I’ve gone further left…


Good good, soon my brother you will join us anarchists,

Also try this compass, it’s much much better but you will need to screenshot it to show it.

It has a vital "I don’t know " option or no opinion because some questions are irrelevant ie should the state do xxx? No because the state shouldn’t exist but maybe the commune could do that.
Hence why anarchists rarely every get zero state , but at this point your borderline one of us strange.


Lol I’m basically the same but more authoritarian on your quiz


You like your states extra THICC, also you probably are lobbying for jäger subsidies arent you


Last time I did this one I got in the center economically, but I was about +2/3 on the Big State-Small State axis. I also usually score higher up on the Progressive-Conservative slider, more towards the Progressive side. Don’t know why I’m a bit lower, I haven’t changed any opinions really.


Weirdly enough I actually said small government for most things, I must have selected a few questions that weighted it more or something.

National Jäger Service is my only goal


You according to that compass like your state have some pretty hefty beef, especially in comparison to me and others. Only champion likes thiccer states.



Wow wtf


When (not a muslim because I know you drink) scores more socially conservative than you, you know you are a bad muslim


Check out my high score mate

Edit, just did the new compass test. @hotsauce2910 see what I mean?


I know a few muslims who drink lol, bosnian ones