Official Political Compass Thread


Whew but my grandparents who are sooo devout would get the bottom easily try harder :joy::wink:




I haven’t moved at all in the authoritarian-libertarian scale, in years. I also scored the same in both tests in that regard.


pretty much yeah


(☭ ͜ʖ ☭)



Woohoo basically the exact same as before


New PolCom score




What the fuck does this mean in section two:

Answer as if you were living in the society you’d like everyone to live under,
not how people should do things in the society you currently live in.

First question is “the government should be less involved in people’s day to day lives”.

How the fuck can I answer that from the perspective of my ideal society?


Its a relative question, a better phrasing would have been the state should avoid most matters or what not, take it up with the lads who wrote the yoke, they update it regularly.


I’ll kill the anarchists too if they don’t help run my gulags.



Lol. What happened?


Nothing major, just fleshing out beliefs I already had regarding collectivism and the state. I wouldn’t consider myself a tankie since I draw plenty of objections about Stalin and his government action, but I’m much more in favor of a one-party or limited party state than previously.


But why the change to authoritarianism? Not even the Bolshevik Party pre-revolution was that authoritarian.–military-tank-world-of-tanks.jpg

(Yes, I’m making a pun using soviet tanks. At least they look good)


Because questions about social issues place you higher on authoritarianism even if you aren’t necessarily advocating an authoritarian government structure


@lake @StrangeSignal


Decided to retake the political compass test since I was bored and wondered how my placement has changed since I took it months ago.

Turns out it’s pretty consistent.