Official Political Compass Thread


Economic Left/Right: 5.0
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.95

Oh shit i’m officially right wing now.


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Haven’t posted my PolCom in quite a while (or been here generally), so I thought i’d update with my last one.

Not much has changed really, basically been around here all round this year for the most part.


We’re all dead.


I used to be a classical liberal lmao


Right on the edge of Classical Marxism and Anarcho-Communism.


Jezus boi. Why so far left?


Go way down and right. My coordinates are, economic 9.13, and Social -4



personalised chart

Haven’t taken this in awhile and this is what I get lol.


You’re such a despot!! I never would have guessed :joy:

What did you get last time? Has it changed a lot?


lmao, and yeah I used to be this:
personalised chart
So, quite the difference :grin::grin:


Wow, that is quite a different result! Ah well, looks like an improvement, to be honest :slight_smile:

Did you expect the change @thegaydespot ?


True and no lmao. I used to be like "screw the big state, small state ftw, capitalism all the wayyyyy."
But now eh. I like big state, I want nationalization of all business/banking, your duty should be to the state. But i’m still not for big religion, racism, all that bad stuff lol. Just worry about your duty to the state and not everyone else’s life. But I agree with stuff like people should take care of their own retirement. Idk I’m just for big-state now. It’s a wild journey my political beliefs lol. (TBH I think it’s because i’ve become extremely interested in china, and I feel like its affecting my subconscious lol.)
And sorry btw, lol is like a period for me now, idk why but sometimes i feel like things i write are too serious w/o it.


Bruh you seem like a person who wants everyone to just live on farms and share stuff. Y tho?


Bit of a sweeping generalisation based on just my political compass there :joy:


Well, why so far left while libertarian at the same time?


Because I don’t believe that governments should be all powerful and I also don’t believe that corporations should be all powerful, probably.

That hasn’t got anything to do with living on a farm :joy:


But then who’d control corporations if not the government?


The people would communally and democratically own the means of production.