Official Political Compass Thread


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Economic Left/Right: -7.13
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.49


Libertarian socialism


Nice position :slight_smile: Thats close to where I was a few years ago actually :+1:





I like 8values better than most, however I do self identify as more of a Fascist rather than a non-descript “Right Wing Populist”.

I used to be a left-wing libertarian, but then I found out about right-wing libertarians, then from their I went up the scale until I read the Social and Political Doctrine of Fascism; a short book I recommend all of you to read.


Y so authoritarian tho?


You need to ensure the people are physically fit, morally just, educated, and law abiding. If people view the law as just words written rather than a doctrine to follow then civilized society will be destroyed. Just look to the countries of Africa to see what happens when people do not value the written words of lawmakers.

Economically I am just the opposite of authoritarian, as we need to allow for social mobility in our social structure, however I do value environmental protection, consumer protection, and the formation of labor unions to ensure a balance in the corporate and labor world.


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According to Spekr I’m a -4 on the X axis and -54 on the Y axis, which matches with my other findings. My 8 values test got this result

So yeah, economically moderate and socially libertarian. The govt, in my opinion has 4 jobs: to protect its nation from both domestic and foreign threats (terrorism, military threats, climate change, crime natural disasters, etc.), uphold the civil and economic liberties of all within its sphere of influence (basically everyone within its borders or within its client states, should it have any), provide essential economic services (education, healthcare, infrastructure, and potentially a UBI, among others), and to ensure fair and ethical practices (links back to number 2, but this one focuses more on economic exploitation, animal rights, etc.)

It is NOT the job of the government to:

  1. Directly intervene in foreign affairs where the nation’s populace/citizens aren’t in danger or aren’t done in conjunction with international approval (for example, by this definition the Afghan-American and 2nd world wars are ok but the Iraq War [2nd one] and intervention in WW1 are not)

  2. Impose restrictions on the actions of the individual which only affect the individual or consenting partners. This is infringing on the rights of others and is a form of tyranny.

  3. To force religious/ideological beliefs on the populace. While education in the practices and existence of various ideologies and religions is fine, the people should be able to choose their association freely.

  4. To directly control the economy. Economic regulations to ensure fair practice, free trade, and environmental protection are necessary, but the free market must be maintained overall. Seizing and puppeting the market directly goes against this as it turns the market from a consensus on the value of goods and services to a way for the government to exercise control in people’s personal business.


Here is a great simulator, lets see if your ideology works.




Could you post the link for that quiz?


@Sharpandquic what quiz?


Thanks, that’s quite useful. I don’t agree with your frequent use of the death penalty or the stratocratic nature of your government, but you seem to be pretty cool with personal liberty, which I can respect. Also, perfect song in the background. My main complaints are how lax you are on domestic abuse and war crimes, especially the latter. While collateral damage is one thing, specifically targeting civilians is another


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I thought the complex chart was quiz.


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I spent like 2 hours fine-tuning that thing. Probably way too much time, IK, but I’m happy with my results