Official Political Compass Thread


You’re really gonna punish people for criticizing the government? Fuck that! If you insist on having a dictator held responsible to the populace then free speech is a vital component of that. Also, may I ask why prostitution is illegal?


Finally done!


Elected Federal Judges. You have too much faith in the general population to follow the law.


Perhaps. In hindsight I should’ve put appointed there, but IMO judges should be appointed in a meritocratic system but I really don’t wanna have to change this AGAIN


They kinda’ are, the Bar.


Flip the economic axis and you’re basically Huey Long


Why the hell are there like 10 moderates and and a dozen or so libertarians and everyone else is either a commie, reactionary, fascist or anarcho-syndicalist on this sight? Seriously, do y’all want a civil war, cause this is how you get a civil war


Who said Fascism can’t involve personal and economic liberties. I just want the law to be preserved, bad people to be killed, prisons to be abolished, and foreign lands to be occupied.


Sounds like you’d fit right into the Roman Republic mate. Fascism requires unquestioning loyalty to the state and its leader(s) at the expense of personal freedom, privacy, and identity. This directly butts heads with the Athenian set of principles that form the groundwork of democracy, free-market capitalism, and liberalism


Heck dude, you had me at Prussian and Roman


Combine a legionary helmet and a picklehaube and I think someone just found you a birthday gift :wink:


YES lol. Well tbh I’m actually not authoritarian, I do despise the masses but I’ve just recently been interested in authoritarianism, and I’ve decided If im gonna be authoritarian might as well go all the way you know? And prostitution is illegal because a women shouldn’t have to lower herself to such things when she can work for the government :wink: lol sorry if I seem twattish and half-assed in my responses, im still just trying to figure out how to argue for any and all forms of government.


You seem to just be frustrated and searching for something to grasp at. We’ve all been there. The advantage of a democracy is that it is the least likely to become corrupt out of all systems of government. Prostitution is simply the choice of an individual, that’s all. If people wanted to pay me to have sex with them I’d be willing to go for that, hell yeah. If the prostitutes are coerced or forced into it then that’s one thing but if they’re adults making independent choices for themselves I see no problem.


Yeah I am haha, America rn is a mess and I’m kinda fed up with it. Personally, I don’t care about whether someone wants to engage in prostitution or shoot up heroin or whatever, their life their choice. I’m really libertarian at heart, it’s just I don’t really trust people to actually know what their doing. And I’ve decided if im gonna not be libertarian im just gonna jump from extreme to extreme. Although I will never be an anarchist lol, for some reason I’ve just always despised anarchism and that hasn’t changed.


Play the Bioshock games, all three of them. The first one shows you how anarcho-capitalism fails, the second shows you why far-left altruism fails, and the 3rd one shows you why a fascist theocracy fails. A moderate and representative


You’re right omg. But tbh Bioshock 3 type was pretty dope, I want a giant mechanical bird. If a fascist dictator had a giant mechanical bird like that I’d follow them no matter what.


Then in that case I’d take my own giant mechanical bird and go kill your boss. Sorry in advance if I make you unemployed


Wow thanks, then i’ll just create my own mechanical bird and form the Mechanical Bird Trade Union and have them declare you a member of bourgeois society and we must attack you in order to protect the Union from your capitalist imperialism.


And I will declare you an enemy to freedom and the city-state of Athens and form my own military to defend ourselves. Come and get it, we’ve got the war goddess on our side


I’d get my gay Sacred Band of Thebes and have my gay army come and destroy your city-state and declare a homosexual dictatorship over all of Athens and have the God Apollo reign supreme.