Offtopicz clone!


LOL, I was pokin around and I came across this. The exact same scheme as Offtopicz… :booze


Dude, my friend owns a forum with this same layout too. Not a clone, just the same forum Domain


I think its a pretty common scheme, i use another forum that has the same scheme as this one aswell


See, read the bottom of this forum and that forum-
“POWERED BY phpbb” The site-


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[quote=Viper-GTS]See, read the bottom of this forum and that forum-
“POWERED BY phpbb” The site-[/quote]

Congratulations, you win

I know. I know this scheme isn’t one of a kind, specific to offtopicz. But there are so many different layouts to choose from, that it isn’t often you see duplicates unless you just happen to come across the right forum. I have personally never came across another forum with this layout, so I was like cool.


Not trying to start anything, but I’ve seen a few. (Not a forum anymore)
-The on you posted

And a few others I forgot.


Oh I know your not trying to start anything. The Duh Award wasn’t meant to be offensive. :smiley:


its a basic starter


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Now now Bacon, do we need to pass out more Duh Awards :smiley:


I didn’t take it offensively. I see it on other forums all the time lol. If I were offended-

Me- :nuts -You


This is the default phpbb theme. A vast portion of phpbb boards use this layout. Adding a different theme to a default phpbb install is simple, but of course doing so with a forum with as many modifications as this one would take a considerable amount of time to get right.

Not sure if V wants it changed though. I’ve learned alot since I put this site together, though at the time with my ability I could not modify the boards layout and do the modifications that make OT what is is today. I’ve offered to spend the time with the layout of this site once MM & IA are running smoothly.


i think the layout works just fine… i wouldn’t worry about spending to much time with it joe


layouts great, content could be better (more games :D)


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This works great for offtopicz, it has a “welcome” feeling.


I dont feal welcome :dunno