Offtopicz Disaster

I love Offtopicz, where did it go?
I’m stuck with a bug, my paranoia has grown
I miss Veronica , Bacon and Kat, and anyone else who wants a chat
I’m probably very sad
But give me my life, I want it so bad!

Just a kneejerk reaction to losing my precious!:slight_smile:

loL!! Good one! :slight_smile:

good thing it came back fast

ha ha nice

Damn good poem Peter.

Good one Peter! LOL

There once was a forum called OTZ
The members they loved it alotz
It crashed in the night
what a terrible fright
It must have been caused by chat botz

ban the chat bots!!!

lol good poem Peter. :slight_smile:

lol great poem peter. i so love it…i was lost without you guys

lol good one peter

yea, if we could get rid of the chat bots during the upgrade then it truely would be a good upgrade.