Oh, and since ot.com was down


i graduated from highschooly last friday…

grad ceremony is the 26th…

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congrats now get a job


Re: RE: oh, and since ot.com was down…

no he goes to college first, gets drunk almost every night and if he is good pussy while he is there. :hump :booze :banana


Or he could actually go to college to learn something and hopefully one day become a productive member of society.

Ah fuck that… college is for partying and teh pussy-gettin’!


or he could cross the street and get hit by a bus


Or he could run through a busy intersection with a pair of scissors in his hand.


we can only hope


I think he just broke T’s record for the most dancing banana’s used in a single post. :rock


more the reason for him to get hit by a bus


yea, time for a job. all the cool kids are getting them. the rest- well… die of starvation or suicide.


Re: RE: oh, and since ot.com was down…

only if we’re lucky


Re: RE: oh, and since ot.com was down…

ya should of seen the fu’s post… that was a lot…

and the barf one too…

(all the more reason to post more smileys)

maybe not…



Yeah, you are rambling there buddy. But hey, you have every reason to be excited. I remember when I graduated high school back in ninteen-hundert and ninety-three. I was pretty excited too. I got much ass that night! WOOT!!




Now you got to pay your own bills.


Re: RE: oh, and since ot.com was down…

like the internet bill :slight_smile: the only bill i “pay”


That will change. It will just take time. Then you will thank you parents and they will also start to know more.


bills suck…not you mikey


Re: RE: oh, and since ot.com was down…

no doubt… it was hard trying to convince my mom to let me pay for it…

and i only have one parent (my mom obviously), dad died in '94… bad thing was tho, is that he died, but also on the day before my mom’s birthday…


that sucks bad man… i know what its like not having a father figure around. my parents divorced when i was 7 yr old. i was hurt bad, but i always told myself i would never be like my dad. he cheated on my mom, so i developed a strong since of morality from his wrongdoings- other than his child support, i credit him with nothing save my sense of values derived from his problems.