Oh I'm so screwed

Ok so here’s whats going down. In my speech class, I’m not doing so well. I’m hoping with the final if I do really good, I might pull a low low B but more likely a C. Well early Friday morning I get an email from my professor telling me and five other students we all have 4 unexcused absences and everybody but one has 6. Now in this class 4 unexcused is one letter grade deduction and 6 would be 2 letter grades. So I’m hoping I have 4 and can talk my way out of one.

Do you guys have any advice for me, or am I pretty much screwed? The only reason it’s really worrying me is that if I get a D or F in the class, I lose my scholarships. God I’m so stressed over this. Help…

Bend over, take it up the jacksy of go down and kiss some arse is the only advice I have.:frowning:

definitely relax. stressing doesn’t always equal better results.

figure out what you’re going to say to your professor. definitely see them in person. try to present yourself well, because it is a speech class.

Yeah I’m meeting her about 2 hours before the final for the class. I’m hoping by be incredibly nice, she’ll take pity on me and have mercy.

Why’d you miss so many days of class?

I don’t really have any useful advice, but I do want to wish you luck. I hope it works out to a satisfactory result for you, and your scholarship is safe.

Because I’m lazy, so it’s my fault but come on I doubt any college student goes to every day of class. Still I screwed myself over.

I did. :tongue:

Ok well maybe, but I bet a majority of college students skip class.

oh yeah they do.

I hope everything works out for you man.

Oh god!
I have no advice but try to hang in there dude!

Stressing over it won’t help. That’s all the advice I have, but good luck!

Of course. My friend skipped class all the damn time at ITT. When I went to Ivy Tech I never did miss class. I hated it, and I only went two days a week, but I never missed.

Well totally just bombed my calc final. I was so sick to my stomach and numb afterwards I can’t believe I did do bad. I think this is the worst I’ve ever felt in my life.

can’t you just drop the class before you fail it? And then make it up in the summer?

Nope if you drop a class during finals week here at Western, the only way you can is if you do a full university withdrawal.

damn. that sucks. I hope that she takes a lot of pitty on you then.

Well in 11 hours I’ll know my fate in the class. Let’s pray for the best.

Fingers crossed for you dude!:slight_smile:

I’ll have my fingers and toes crossed!