Oh no's, we've got 666 members


somebody else needs to register asap!



no, no one register!! no more members!!!



I saw that this morning, I was too scared to post anything about it. Didn’t want them coming after me first.


Re: RE: Oh no’s, we’ve got 666 members…

I did the same thing :lol


awe shit…

Not to mention, I just had a case number 508-666 yesterday!! THEY ARE COMING AFTER ME!!!


but you have lucky 7’s for your post count V 3777


sniffles not any more… runs away crying


just wait for june 6th 2006. i bet we’ll all be in for it. i pray that nothing will happen.


boo :dunno


no we’re good because it 6606 the 0 saves us


The 0 cannot help us! The 0 can do nothing, nadda, zilch, zero It is powerless against the power of trip six


we will see


Oh Noes Now there are 667 Members…


and 67 is a very lucky number…well atleast for me


Does that mean I win for being the 667th member?


no…just means your the 667th member



I thought I would win some how…

Oh well I could really care less


i know this is a little “offtopicz” :smiley: , but what in the hell is go go guncon fighter???


ask that in the introduction topic…

he introduced himself and said to ask him any question. :dunno


The “Ask me Anything” thing is something I found on GameFAQ’s Life Universe and Everything Board [or the 402 as LUEsers call it].

[The LUE board has long since been closed to everyone, unless you registered for it.]

Anyways, the “Ask me Anything” line was always said in the most retarded topics, for example:

“My Mom just caught me Fapping, Ask me Anything” [Actual topic, I posted in that one]