Oh yeah

The Patriot is on. Mel Gibson AND Heath Ledger? YUM!

R.I.P. Heath. :frowning:

Kim…a good history lesson there…and a great movie as well!

thats on a par with braveheart…anti english bullshit…and its all make believe

so was braveheart a good history lesson mr pj?

I love this movie! Haven’t seen it in years though! The last time I tried to watch it was in my US History class junior year of high school. My dad was in Iraq- I sat out in the hallway and cried. Haven’t tried watching it since then.

the scots didn’t meet the english on a battlefield…they ambushed them on arbroath bridge…i think it was arbroath anyway

Hollywood movies should mostly be watched for entertainment value, not historical accuracy.

Now, if I find a story interesting enough or it’s “based on true events,” I will most definitely be using Google when I get home to sort out fact from fiction- and learn something new.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IM not watching i cry hes my favorite actor :frowning:

It took me a while, and it does make me sad, but he’s so hot I can’t help but watch!


Nevermind. I don’t think I can watch this.

In the scene where he hacks the guy with his tomahawk, is the blood supposed to be bright red or brown? I think they edited it to brown so he’d just look muddy

Heath lol Knights tale did it for me :wink:

a knights tale is a modern day classic

Ironically enough, Ian, Braveheart is on next.

I bought both those movies.

ahhh…braveheart…Mel and the Boys moonin’ the English

Mel looks good covered in Hollywood blood. lol We Were Soldiers comes on next. Must be some war/fighting type marathon.

the male testosterone weekend