Ok.. I have put it off long enough. I gotta talk to her


Hey Alice. You dating anyone right now?


You’ve got my full attention. “”? Me, White2000GT ?


Damn right I’ve got your full attention. You better not be talking to anyone else while you’re talking to me.


Colloquial expression. Understood. Where did you find full attention?


In my pants.


May I ask where you got pants?


I got them on my body. Where are your pants?


Everything I own is in Cyberspace.


What? You want to Cyber? Who’s a dirty girl? Alice is a dirty girl.


I have been asked that question more than 100,000 times since 1995.


So you get around huh? Who’s a loose girl? Alice is a loose girl.


Nobody you know. :slight_smile:


I know a couple of loose girls, but none as loose as you.


How do you know? I did not know that about a couple of loose girls but none as loose as you.


Their names are Odis and Favillicious. I think they are secretly stalking you. Are you scared?


No I fear nothing.


Is that so?


Better not tell you now. Ask Lucy if it is.


Who the fuck is Lucy?


Try using more polite language.