Ok ladies

what do you think of a man in a suit?

i dont mean an off the peg job,i mean one that fits…you know,shirt tie and cuff-links…the works

It’s very sexy. :nod:

A man that knows how to dress is a serious bonus, IMO. :thumbup

Totally sexy. Takes more work to get it off, but that’s half the fun. :wink:

Definitely agree! A well tailored suit is HOT HOT HOT! Especially if the guys knows how to carry himself in said suit!

[quote=“satinbutterfly, post: 1081490”]It’s very sexy. :nod:

A man that knows how to dress is a serious bonus, IMO. :thumbup[/quote]

So, the jeans and T-shirt I’m wearing wouldn’t get it for you? If not I can take them off.

Hot Hot Hot Hot :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends on the occasion…I’m a casual gal for the most part. However, for a night out on the town and hitting the theatres or a wedding or black tie event…yummy…

I like versatility…one that can dress up and dress down…

I am not the one for men in suits, I like uniforms more. :confused:

There is nothing wrong with dressing down, either, like Jen said. Versatility is more important than looking good in a suit. You wouldn’t wear a suit to go biking in the park, would you?

But just the same, suits are HOT!

If you have one, you should post a pic…

It makes me want to drool and just jump in a mans arms. I find suits one of the absolute sexiest sets of clothing a man could wear…besides his birthday suit that is.

I saw this video today

Sharp-Dressed Man

You know, I think I prefer something like, dark jeans with a long-sleeve button up shirt with a collar. Hair looks nice, nice shoes…


No matter if it is a suit or everyday clothes, a man that dresses well is HOT! the clothes should fit and match and the shoes should definitely be nice. A suit makes it that much nicer but is not required.

There’s a time and a place for both, but you know I always prefer you naked Doggie. ;):ninja

What ARE you doing in this thread?!

i prefer a man nakid… :24::24::24::24:

but seriously as long as he looks nice and put together it could be a uniform, suit, or jeans and a shirt

Probably the same thing you’re doing. :wink:

:24: :nod: :smiley:

They’re seeking pointers, haha.

I don’t mind a well sharped dressed man, as long as he displays charisma and charm with what he wears, then yummy.

I really like it when I see a man dressed in clothes which look like he’s been sweating and working hard outside all day, I just gawk and stare while he grabs a refreshment or treat.