OK, My pics

Just sharing some of my own photos.

And one more, which is my favorite of them all I think.

I’m speechless… simply beautiful!

very pretty

Wow… I hate you.

You take some really good pictures :slight_smile:

Nice pictures. Brrrrrrrr…

awesome pics

Great pics.

wow such pretty pics

:slight_smile: Thanks guys.

Some very cool shots there, very cool indeed! Brrr. :smiley:

Great pics!!! :thumbup

It just looks cold. It was about 60 degrees, but it was the beginning of the summer

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I like the first shot… a lot. Good job.

Very nice. Maybe label them for the obtuse one (me) who forgets where those shots were taken. But really nice :thumbup

haha, they were all taken in Glacier Bay, Alaska. The first one from the window of the plane on the way there.