Ok what else can go wrong

so friday I was suppose to get my cable hooked up, turns out Im out of range for that provider so I tell them fine hook up my phone and internet then and Ill go with another carrier, whom by the way cant hook me up until tuesday. Then this morning I get up go to turn on my laptop, and nothing, seems the on/off button has died or something heaven only knows, so here I am now stuck with no cable or internet whats next? :frowning: :frowning:

Whats next? You wake up and go to work forgetting to get dressed.

I really doubt thats going to happen, but you just keep that thought if it makes you all happy inside :slight_smile:

go get yourself a manipeti or something

Hey it’s happened to Amy. She went to work and ended up having to take some sort of test. Well, she realized she forgot to put on a bra that day after she took her shirt off.

So you never know Audra!

Would you rather go to work topless by accident or your car break down? Cause that was what I was gonna say first. :tongue:

I should without the pedi part I hate feet

James there is no way in hell with the size of my boobs Im gonna forget to wear a bra to work ever!!!

I hate the whole feet thing but its so relaxing

haha settle there misseh! I’m just messin around.

Im setteled brat :tongue: :nanners:

um… your garage door will stop working!

The power goes out, the water freezes, all four of your tires deflate mysteriously, you get sick, the boogey man jumps out of the closet and starts munching on your feet at 4:07 am, aaron says he needs to move in because he burnt down the house trying to cook himself food, your mom needs to move in too because the fire Aaron started spread across the street and burnt down her house…

The list could just go on and on here.

James Im gonna have to kill you!!! stop it …youre suppose to be making me feel better not making suggestions for bad things to happen. FYI if any one of these things happens Im personally going to come down there and kick your skinny butt!!! :slight_smile:

oh and Im already sick remember?

oh oh oh… You could wake up and it’s all cloudy in your townhouse. Then it could start thunderstorming and you’d get shocked by lightning! :wink:

Wisconsin could fall into Lake Michigan! :wink:

i dropped my old laptop a couple times and i thought it was fine until it didn’t turn on one morning. turns out the connection for the plug to the outlet was busted so it couldn’t charge the battery. i sent it back to dell and they fixed it for me. cheaped out and gave me a slower processor, but they fixed it.

Sorry to hear that Audra, when it rains it pours eh?:frowning:

ok looks like Im going to have to send it in to the company dammit!!! I just went and bought a new one Im going to set it up tonight, heres to me trying to figure that shit out

could find a computer repair store?

they told me they wouldnt fix it and no one else would either I had to send it in

damn, I need to open up a computer store where you are then.