Okay Okay Okay

I’ll try to be a nicer person! Someone please just kill my boredom already!

Your boredom is awesome. I think I’ll kill you :nod:


Go to bed

It is past your bedtime :smiley:

You? Kill me? Suicide it is!

go to sherdog.net and post there

It’s all the same to me. But I wanna help

At this point… wouldn’t this qualify as a mercy killing?


:humm: You may be right. In that case, he needs to stay alive and suffer :thumbup

There were some kids one time while I was out driving who hurled a snowball at my car. This kid I dunno. I still want to have kids someday though. Maybe if I never wind up getting married I’ll adopt. I wonder if they allow single virgins to adopt. Anyways I feel bad. At 15 years old you should be doing more with your life. Not inside online with nothing to do. Aww. :frowning: Maybe you should do something for yourself. Go to a concert or something. You like music? Get a guitar. Start a band. Do something rather than sit on here. Find something you like and go with it. Do it for yourself.

Causing trouble online or off isn’t the only way to have fun. Theres plenty you can do :).

take up MMA kid.

Yeah Martial Arts is actually good for kids I hear. Teaches them discipline and its alot of fun for them too. :slight_smile:

I always loved swimming even as a kid. Thats very therapeutic and relaxing.

yeah, sounds like it could really do this kid some good, not to mention that he’s gonna need to be able to defend himself should he mouth off to the wrong person, which I sense will happen often if it hasn’t already.

I hope this kid doesn’t make the same mistakes I did as a kid. He should give himself a good childhood. All I ever did as a kid was stay in, play video games, and go on the PC all the time. I had no friends. Led to me becoming maladjusted as an adult. Do as much as you can while your young I say. Because when you get old like me you only look back and say “You know I wish I could have done that.”

I see this happening with a lot of kids these days, he really reminds me of a kid I knew in school, spent most of his time online, always up to no good, I tried hard to be a good influence on the kid, I tried to tell him this same stuff but he just didn’t want to listen, kept fucking up in school and getting in trouble, finally fucked up big time and at 18 years old this kid is already in Prison, he will be for the next around 2 years, don’t end up like he did kid, you need to get some real hobbies and do something more constructive with your time.

WTF this is pointless nubs… :cool