Omg... Horrible headache

Im sitting here at work with the most horrible headache… Im sure its stress related. :frowning: Its traveled to my neck and my right shoulder… Hurting bad! :frowning:

I just took an Excedrin tension headache pill

I think you need a shot of petercillin:ninja

Awww… sorry V. :frowning:

Not fun at all V! I hope it goes away soon!

i hope the excedrine helps

Sounds like you need a message.

Got anyplace close to you that could hook you up?

Aww hunny Feel better

Nothing close… gotta work for another hour… and Zach says he will rub me down. :wink: I just needed to be a whiney baby

Feel better, V :slight_smile:

Feel better, but milk it even when it’s gone. Especially if your getting Zach to rub on you. But seriously, I hope it goes away. Those things suck!

Want me to massage your temples? :smiley:

I feel your pain sweetie, I have had a head ache for a week… and it was really bad Sunday night…

Cold cloth on the back of your neck may help ease the pain till you get home to Zach.

Must have been headache day! I had a massive migraine last night too. Buggers, those. Hope you feel better!

I still have a SMALL headache. Zach rubbed me for almost an hour. I told him he didnt have to. And get this… I was hurting so bad, I still went to bed at 8 and i didnt even have to work today. lol

:eek Just getting to it before Evan does :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you are feeling a little better V, perhaps not concentrating will help have you had your eyes tested lately?

V you should have taken MY advice;):smiley:

I could of gotten it if I wanted to… but I was honestly hurting way too bad for sex… what is wrong with me? LOL Ill make up for it tonight. Poor Zach. :wink:

Yeah Poor Zach :frowning:

WHat about me dammit poor me too!! I want some V :ninja

You guys giving the boss lots of headache I guess

V sexy might have helped…

I hope you feel better soon.