Everyone who is on the top 10 on the coffin toss game must masterbate ALOT… my arm hurts sooo bad today from moving it to get the dead-people-wagon up to speed…I was up last night bound and determined to get the top spot…I got on the list, like #7 or 8…in all honesty I was sweaty after I did though, then I just said fuck it…


the highest i ever i got was a little over 500. no matter how fast i got the hurst. it ranges from 300 to 550.


It’s crazy, you sit here and give it everything you got to get the slow thing up to speed, and then you slam on you breaks too early or too late. It’s infuriating… Almost every time I get up to 120 I hit the wall…You have to have some serious up and down arm movements to get it up to speed that way you can concentrate on the breaks.


My theory is that they use a game controller w/ a turbo button. It’s the only thing I can think of. :dunno


Hey I never thought of that! I don’t have one damnit… I saw an episode of the simpsons one time where homer sat a little chicken thing beside the keyboard, and the chickens head would repeatedly come down and press the ‘y’ key on the keyboard…believe it or not I searched all over my room for something that would move up and down really fast to use on the arrow button lol…couldnt find anything…


lol… Im with haus on this one…


hey, i dont have a turbo whatchamacallit either - somehow im #2… although i actually dont remember getting that score so it must have been a while ago -

but anyway, its more about sort of ‘shaking’ like a muscle spasm rather than ‘moving’ real fast… if that makes any sense… its like that old ‘test your might’ thing from mortal kombat…


im bad at this game also, but i dont see how if your good your masterbate alot. I use two hands, but cant use two hands to play the game so im left out… :dunno