One Love Manchester live discussion thread


@John this is right up your street I should imagine

and @liberalofthenorth I know you’re watching this.

This is the live post:

The crowds are MASSIVE, bigger than any I’ve ever seen… united in the face of terrorism :heart:️:uk:

It’s pumped, and so it should be!


I’ve been watching it. It’s brilliant.


Real united spirit.


Excellent to see so many artists and so many people in one place, celebrating in union.


That ending was beautiful, absolutely beautiful.




Fuck you ISIS


“We should have bombed that”


yeah right, like lighting a few candles and chanting peace and love is gonna make one fuck of a difference, grow up please and get away from your liberal denial bullshit


celebrating what for fucks sake?


shut the fuck up


it’s head in ass liberals like yourself that let all the terror people in - your softPC
nanny state makes the whole country unsafe - get a fukking grip, realise the seriousness of the problem


I will get a fucking grip when you get a fucking grip on your grammar and the irony of saying I want a nanny state when you literally endorse deep spying as an anti terror measure.

Also I’m not a ‘liberal denier’, I am a liberal and proud.


how is a concert gonna stop ISIS - you morons are just giving them the oxygen they are looking for


It is a symbolic measure to show that the people of London/Manchester won’t start discriminating, and are still tolerant people


This :100:


still? but for how long? most of you folk are the PC brigade that enable this shite in the first place


Right and we all know there is very little you can do to stop someone driving in a van and ploughing through people unless they have contacted other about this. You forget that anyone can do anything they want as long as no one knows (which is possible for small scale attacks). No one allows this to happen and no one can stop this fully.


no, but your hero JC and Abbot block any anti terror law they can, and you still was this guy to lead the nation - WTF

and why give all the drama to encourage other attackers?? I mean a polite and respectul memorial etc… fine, but all the concerts , wks and wks on theTV , just gives publicity, just what they want


Its exactly the opposite of what they want. They want us to be in fear and live our lives in fear. This shows that we will live our life exactly how we want by going to another concert a week after u bombed one.