One Love Manchester live discussion thread


how comes election campaigning was suspended for the second time in2 wks then…


I cant speak for the parties them self. But my best guess is that it shows respect for the people who lost their lives and we will spend a day thinking about you rather than on winning an election.


so the terrorists have changed how we do things then, how obvious is that


I never said they had not changed how we do things. What I did say is that we are doing the exact opposite to what they want us to do. Which if u had a brain and read any of my points you would know there is a difference.


how do you propose we counter ISIS then?


how could you possibly know what they want us to do , do you have some buddies in the know or something, or is this just the drivel that the Guardian indoctrinates you what to say…


well terrorists want us to be scared of them that’s quite obvious :smiley: I mean its so obvious that their main task is to make us scared and then wipe us out, which wont happen with either of them goals.


how does holding a benefit gig and lighting candles etc show we are not scared, I’d say it’s the opposite - looking at many of the people in those crowds they look mighty worried

and more to the point, how is terror sympathiser Corbyn and his collection of cowards going to help us one jot?


Do you believe the lies that come out of your mouth or are you doing it just for a laugh


what will your party do to keep it’s citizens safe…?


You’re deferring from the point.


> Rinveron makes the point that we’re not scared of terrorists
> Martina counters it and says the One Love show is insignificant in showing we’re not scared

> Your “point” has nothing to do with this argument, and instead you just say she’s lying or trolling

> Martina asks a valid question of what your party will do to keep the nation safe, since security and foreign policy is a large issue in this election and Martina (from other posts) believes that while it’s all fine and respectful to host unifying concerts like this, the issue of terrorism is still at large and needs to be dealt with

> tfw you’re the one ignoring Martina’s points

Also, a healthy debate doesn’t require small insults towards the other person almost every time you post :wink:


Yes @Martina no need to insult everyone who you dont agree with politically constantly, there are other ways u can debate which don’t use the word “traitor” etc constantly.


and retard


No that’s totally fine word to use apparently. Don’t ask me though.


I’m sure a moderator shouldn’t be saying this to a member…

I’m sure this was definitely relevant to the debate at hand, @Underscore[quote=“Underscore, post:11, topic:111853”]
shut the fuck up

  • Ad hominem/ direct attacks.

Funny how you’ve been here since mid 2015 but you haven’t appeared to have read the rules, there wasn’t even a reason for this!

But if we look at those deleted posts above, Martina called your post retarded, but you (Underscore) called Martina retarded, a bit more severe, is it not?

It’s quite funny, I read pretty much every topic that gets posted and it’s rare to find an actual insult by Martina, but fairly commonplace to find insults to Martina. We see @Rinveron complaining about the use of the word “retard” when it comes from Martina, but there hasn’t been a single mention of it when Underscore called Martina a retard. Am I seeing a little moderator bias, here?


He isn’t mod

And I wouldn’t blame him


Good job I’m not a mod any more then :smiley: [quote=“Doctapper, post:38, topic:111853”]
We see @Rinveron complaining about the use of the word “retard” when it comes from Martina, but there hasn’t been a single mention of it when Underscore called Martina a retard

I speak to underscore away from the forums in which I told him how I disagreed with his post. [quote=“Doctapper, post:38, topic:111853”]
Am I seeing a little moderator bias, here?

Coming directly form you who accuse me and some other people of bullying ?


Lol he’s doing the exact same thing he spoke up against. Seems like this Community Rep is needed afterall lolol


Well coming form you that means a lot :smiley: R u sure your not pissed m8?