One Million Greenbacks


I was in reverie earlier today, and I was ideating over what I would do with a million smackaroos. I’m not fixated on the monetary values of things that I really don’t need to survive, but it got my jollies goin.

  1. Buy a car. I don’t care what kind of car it is, as long as it gets me across the country and back safely. I’d opt for a bright yellow Lancer, just because they’re lookers.

  2. Move to southern California. I’d probably just rent a decent-sized 2 bedroom apartment within 3 miles of the beach, and NOT in the ghetto, for a few years.

  3. Buy a dog. I’ve always wanted a beagle. Since my puppies back home in GA. are both weenie dogs, I might have to get one of them, too.

  4. Go back to college. Since I didn’t finish out my college courses for CIS last year, I think I may attempt to try again. Not for CIS, though. Maybe CSI.

  5. Buy my dad that little cabin he has always wanted in the Colorado Rockies. It shouldn’t be too expensive.

  6. If I have anything left, I’ll put it in the bank for when I quit my job at In-And-Out Burger because working at fast food restaurants SUCK. Oh, then I’ll go look for a job working in the lab somewhere.

Yeah, that sounds like a pretty sane thing to do with $1,000,000. It’s either I do all that, or I buy a helicopter and deck it out with chrome skids, streamers on the propellers, hydraulics, a system, and of course the big screen TV to play the PS2 on.


id go into real estate


yea theres a ton of money to be made in real estate.


Penny stocks


i would throw it in a bank account and live off the intrest


I would never buy an apartment…you never get anything back…if i had to i’d at least buy a house so i can sell it…can’t sell apartments (unless you own the building :tard )

I’d buy a Viper for sure :smiley:

Then pay off all my moms bills :smiley:

Then buy a house in SA or MA (MA is a great place for childrens future-school wise)

then save alot


id buy my block of houses… then consolidate the property into one…

and then sell it for more :smiley:

and do it over again and again :banana


haha. id start my own business for real though.