One more game!


and i will hit 10,000 games played at this site…


Damn GOD

Game Time: I’ve Spent 80 Hours, 59 Mins. & 23 Secs. Of My Life Playing Games Here!


dunno how i do it…considering i work 12 hour days 6 days a week construction.


I have an assload more time than you, but a lot less plays. What’s up with that??


must depend what games u play…i play alot fo the short fast games…like get ahead, looney mahjong, yeti, and driver…those games add up fast.


im at only 61 Hours, 3 Mins. & 29 Secs, with 5360 plays


Re: RE: one more game!..

i dont think it counts ur plays cause ur finger is always stuck to the f5 button




I’m about to pass you. Get to playing GOD, so I don’t have to be the biggest loser on the site! :smiley:


congrates god!


Re: RE: one more game!..

Thats why I quit for awhile.


Re: RE: one more game!..

I learned it from him!!! He’s the real bad guy here…