...One of the reasons why I don't want kids


Mention earlier in @lordtutton 's threads that I frequently yoyo between wanting to have kids and not wanting to have kids.

The societal aspect, rather than personal aspect, is what keeps me away from the concept. I really dislike modern day life, not just because of politics.

But things like this disgusts me honestly. The government goes too far sometimes, and I fear that a silly idea by my child will be seen as a human right by meddling social services.

Social services claimed that the mood shifts of a 14 year old girl is ‘down to gender dysphoria and she is actually a male’ … even though she never claimed she feels this way. The social services want to take the parents to court for homophobia and cruelty on the child. They want her to undergo a sex change.

Fuck britain really.

‘They’ve told us if we don’t allow her to be called “Mark” and give permission for her to be assessed at one of these centres that’s pushing the transgender agenda, we’re emotionally abusing her.

'I said: “It’s not going to happen, not now. When she’s older she can make her own decision, but not at 14.”.

‘She’s not even old enough legally to have a sexual relationship.


I wonder why feminists haven’t treated this as misogyny. It’s one of those things that actually are.




Saying that girls want to be boys. They probably haven’t even made a real test to determine if she does suffer of gender dysphoria.

Anyway, puberty is when gender dysphoria starts being evident, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she really does have it.


Dont have kids in Britain @Cameron , Social justice warriors are essentially in control of the state and it will take minimum 20 years to completely purge their influence from the state so that their ideology is no longer a threat to you, you are better off moving to a country that respects your rights as a parent far more, like the usa or in eastern europe (ironically). I am pretty much in the same boat as you, want kids but this is a terrible time to raise them.


Why does everyone tag me instead of @Cameronism?


Given this is the daily mail, and there are no other ‘news’ sources talking about this that aren’t also using the daily mail as a source, I have a really hard time believing this schlock.


Probably because the rest of british news (BBC, Guardian, etc) is just liberal garbage.


If your child comes out as gay, you shouldn’t throw them out, disown them etc but to help their self esteem you should give them support.

However something as monumental as a sex change should be left till the child is of adult age so then they can decide for themselves.


My girlfriend and I both have autism. I am not raising any autistic kids.


I doubt the probability of your kid being autistic is 100%


I would still rather not take the chance, especially when I do not even want to raise a normal kid that much.


The problem is the child does not identify as the opposite gender. It is the retarded insistence of the social services who pretend that their Gender Studies/Arts degree qualify them to determine someone’s gender.

If you’re for self-identification/self-determination regardless of age, you would call this case idiotic. It’s just the social services who are insisting the child is a male.


And what if she wants to?

Because of how similar the names are and how often they get them mixed up, considering that you are usually low-profile on the forums. Few people remember you for more than 5 minutes.


Well then that is something we are going to have to discuss.


Knowing you, you’ll probably lose.


Old blighty is a really weird country tbh.

Your justice system is very screwy and so are your social services apparently. I thought my country was bad but wow.


Just give them a gender neutral name. Remember that there are 1086 genders or some bullshit number like that. Names like Drew, Skyler, Frankie, Casey and Jordan will keep you safe from these very “legitimate” lawsuits.