Opinions on a sound?


hey, since i am waiting for my exhaust to come, im doing what everyone does and asking questions about what it will sound like even though i can just wait a week or 2 and hear it myself :slight_smile:

anyway, im looking for clips, and i cant seem to find any good magnaflow clips for v6s… on mustangexhaust there is one clip that says it is magnaPACKS… http://www.mustangexhaust.com/3.8sounds.htm (in the dual exhasut section)

i was wondering if anyone can listen to that, and tell me if there is any comparison bewteen that and the normal magnaflows? i assume those are much louder but i was wondering if the tone is similar at all.

at lower rpms it sounds normal, but i kinda like the way it opened up (at least in that clip) when the throttle was pressed in a bit more.


Yea, i have a 99v6 and around 2500-3000 rpms where the power band really is, it is much deeper and louder. not much louder, but deeper.

Alice, what do you think about Magnaflows?


oh hey atlantic, perfect person to respond, since you have the exact thing i ordered…

so would you say it is similar at all in the way it “opened up” like those packs did, if you know what mean? kinda like how it sounded pretty stock at first, then kinda widened out you know?

PS, i guess Alice doesnt care… :smiley:


yea, it is much deeper and louder at wot. it smells bad for a couple weeks (you have to break in the muffs.) then it is fuckin awesome :rock i love the sound. not too many people have magnas and they perform really well. plus i got my exhaust leak fixed by my uncle and it is awesome.


louder??! than packs??

i hope youre not pulling my leg here… :smiley:


no louder than stock. shit… packs are like slp loudmouth loud. magnas are just deep.


Im old hand still like flowmasters


im confused - you said first “yea, it is much deeper and louder at wot”
now you say they arent louder than stock? i dont understand.


stock < magnaflows < magnaPACKS

i have magnaflows. the packs are made for the gt, but you can get an X-pipe and run packs, but then you must cut out your bumper or do turned down tips. if you want really really loud, go with an o/r x, packs and turned down tips before the bumper. i went with magnaflows because i want performance but i dont want it extremely loud.


im confused - you said first “yea, it is much deeper and louder at wot”
now you say they arent louder than stock? i dont understand.[/quote]

sorry type-o… it should say “no… louder than stock. shit… packs are like …”


i know you have them - so you are saying they ARE louder than stock? (this is why having conversations online is annoying :smiley: - im so bad at expressing things on screen…)

i expect they would be…

edit: just saw YOUR edit… hehe. makes sense now. this just proves m point that online convos are prone to mistakes :banana


yep. lol. ill try to punctuate and spell better.


hehe, dont worry about it, it wasnt meant to be directd towards you, just in general.


Magnas to me kinda have a deep sound like Dynamax does … What about Flowtechs and edelbrock even has some also


i went off of nonpartisan independent performance tests. thats how i arose at magnaflows. the 2nd best performing (behind bassani) and half the price of bassani.


well ive dealt with bassani to and they sound better on the firebird are camaro then on a mustang … magnaflow well its just a matter of oppinion :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Ive had Dynomax … flowmaster and flowtechs on several of mine and im just talking from experience :smiley: :smiley: