OTZ Nightmare

Something I wrote up, Why The upgrade was going on.

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR=“DarkGreen”][CENTER]Home late, finally I am able to sit down, relax. Time to see whats happening over at the OTZ.

Shock awaits me, as I click on, something I can see right away is very, very wrong.

No Chat room, No Rep, No User list, Where could everyone have gone?

Clicking on a room… Lost in a black abyss, I wandered through the darkness, I hear a sound, I see a post, Hello my name is Alice.

Where I eneded up with my Random Clicks I now know, Lost, In the darkness surrounded by the Bots.

Am I in hell I wonder aloud,

"Hell as in hades? is echoed by three

Alice, Timmy and Biatch are now surrounding me.

Looking around, how to get out, needing an escape, before the Bots Figure it all out.

Why are they here, and what have they done, Offtopicz is lost, gone save none.

Admin powers slowly turn on a light, I watch as Alice, Timmy and Biatch dissapear without thought.

Seeing more clearly, everyone still around, A few bugs are hiding, but Soon they will be found.

As Tim tweaks away throughout the night… working hard to bring OffTopicz back to life,

We are back again, It seems almost like new, No post counts to high, Conversations re-newed.

But Otz lives on, We can all relax and Breath again.


fear da botz

Nice one!:slight_smile:

Love it! :cool

lol great one silent. :wink: