OTz Spring Fitness Challenge!

March is almost over…a lot of us have made New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, and while some of us have kept with it, a lot of us have fallen off the wagon. I just want you guys to know there are still 9 months left in this year, and it’s never too late to start, or get back on the wagon! Please post your name if you’d like to sign up for this challenge. I’m going to make it a 3 month challenge, and we can see who sticks with it. If you guys want, there are these slider things they make for your sigs, you don’t have to put your actual weight on there, but just the amount you want to lose. Let me know if you want to sign up, and if you have any ideas…I’m thinking we need some incentive for this challenge. What do yall think?

weight loss tracker: Weight Loss signature tracker

here is an example of what it could look like:[U]

Reckless Tim

Wow… BS… did you really lose all that weight? That is great!!!

I’d be down… ummm-- but what exactly is the challenge… cuz ummmmm you’re pretty much in the lead anyway already if we’re just going by weight loss!

i’ll hafta get the ticker later i was just going to start a diet log/diary thread

but its more a challenge to yourself than a challenge between people

starting 250
current 250
target 200

well the challenge will start from…lets say…this sunday?? Fresh week. And I guess we could do whoever loses the most from this sunday, which is March 25, to Thursday, June 22. (I’ll be gone for a while starting the 23rd). My previous loss won’t count of course! And you guys actually have the advantage on me because I’ve been losing for a while, and it just gets harder and harder once you start.

bagel feel free to create your own log here, maybe it will inspire other people!

So whos in? Me heather and bagel? anyone else?? What about Nic i know he was thinking about dieting.

ughh ll make sure to weght myself at the gym later

oh joy!

yay heatharrrrr

Im in! Me and Dan both. Looking into gyms today, and im officially starting my diet tomorrow. I will post my starting weight and goal later.

Count me in… I’m 205 and want to be 190… I have a gut bigger than my wifes, and I’m not preggo :frowning:

Oh, and it’s not just weight that I’m worried about, I’m out of shape and need to work out for overall health

ermmm youre porbably not gonna get a starting weight outta me… you’ll get my goal in poundage :slight_smile:

how do i post my tracker thingy???


heather, you have lost 30 already?! wow! i better see some before and after pics in my thread!!! doooo eeeet! just remember we need to help inspire others with our pics :-p

yeah… i gained like 50… lost 20… gained… lost… yada yada… so all in all… i know that was my heaviest…

i dont think there are many pictured from that time frame… but ill see what i can do

Man, you guys makin me wanna do some push-ups.

Hell, I’m hoping to lose some weight now that I’m back to work. I’m 210 looking for 190-200

Count me in.

I am going to try and post tips and advice each week for you guys. If anyone else would like to help out that would be great! There is some really good material on 3fatchicks.com, that’s where I jack a lot of my stuff from :slight_smile: