Psh…I would of walked away from that


stupid things happen to stupid people


Hmmm let’s see. What to do today? Oh I know, I’m gonna go watch a Rally Race and stand in the road on a blind curve! Yeah that sounds like a swell idea!


I do that every tuesday :wtf :tard


I only do it on the fifth saturday of every other month.


fake :tard

if it was a real person, they would have heard the car and looked up in time to move out of the way…


Yeah I think you might be right! Someone must have stolen a manequin from Sears and put it in the road right where they knew a car would come around the corner and smack it.


u know… at first i felt bad for the dood…

now im like… WTF why woukld u STAND RIGHT THERE!!!


better be fake.

hardly doubt it though


i think he might have been holding a camera or something?


Re: RE: ouch

more like a cereal box…


What an idiot!!!