Painting an iPod

Well last winter I bought a iPod mini of my friend for 40 bucks. The only problem is that it is pink. I was thinking about painting it, but I was wondering is there a certain way I should go about painting it. Anybody know?

fingernail polish.

I would try to find a way to get the casing off and use an air brush.

That’s a good idea, never thought of that one.

i wouldnt of bought a pink ipod;) j/k:) …fingernail polish seemms plausible or you can allways sharpie it

Yeah never thought of sharpies either, would that rub off if I handle it alot though.

yeah probably, but hey anything worth a shot right?

True true

It’s a plastic case & some (read ‘a lot’) of paints will not adhere to it very well. You will need to be careful.

I think that putting some type of artwork on there would look better than a single colour. Plan carefully, you may only get one shot to do a nice job.


go to a radio controlled hobby store, they have permanent plastic paint that bonds to it. Cover the screen with tape, spray, and your golden.

The only problem with Sharpies is they can rub off if your hands sweat a bit. But hey, I think the pink is cool.:wink:

No the pink is teh suck.

they make a plastic dye that soaks in to the plastic. If you can remove the casing you could get some of that stuff and the color would be permanent. Fingert nail polish will chip off eventualy.

heres a link on how to dye plastic How to dye plastic parts Radio Control Car Action - Find Articles