Panem et Circenses



When the population demands bread and circuses this shows the decline of a population. I often attribute this to Socialists (Not National Socialists) as they often push for the destruction of the State through degradation of culture, work ethic, and ethnic cohesiveness. We can see the early Christians, who almost single handed tore Rome apart, have in their religious texts Socialist sentiments if taken literally. I think when people demand the government grows so it may feed them, cloth them, house them, etc. that society is close to death. What are your thoughts on the matter?


Perhaps, but it was also Rome’s stagnation and corruption that tore the Empire apart, and it was the stagnation and corruption and massive class gap that killed the Republic before it. To survive, Rome needed to appease its people while maintaining its borders.

The USA is more comparable to the RR than the RE, and even then there are differences; we are pretty much invulnerable to traditional land attack, and we live in a more open and connected world. Rome was pretty much the only power of its size which it shared borders with (though after the empire was split in two by Constantine this would change). Blaming populists is just plain incorrect. It was the greed, anger, and short term thinking over long-term cohesive and cooperative planning that killed both the empire and the republic.


Populists are a result of the short term thinking, short term thinking isn’t a result of Populists; you have my thinking process reversed. I see our interference into world affairs and our devolving culture to also be major contributors of the degradation of individual rights and a State which would vow to protect those individual rights. Corruption isn’t inherent, it is made by the greed, anger, short term thinking, and lack of civic duty from the mass population.


Please clarify what you mean by “degradation of culture”


The degradation of culture. The abandonment of past, the people pushing away from the ideals that came before them (bad or good). I see that people, in the US, are more and more pushing away from allowing freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and other ideals and values that are so entwined with the American culture.


Perhaps but some of those changes have been good. People are becoming more open minded and skeptical and clinging less to religion and harmful traditions.


I agree with some of the benefits of the secularization of America, however America at the foundation doesn’t respect the religious organizations (it’s in the First Amendment). However the values the Constitution offers are being challenged, as I have mentioned speech and arms; this in my opinion is the biggest threat to American Culture. The problem with our modern day is the people push views of radical change, and as we have learned throughout history when there are radical changes then the good things that came with the old are pushed away for the bad parts of the new.


But in the past other constitutional rights have also been ignored just as often if not moreso.

The 1st and 5th- amendments were ignored during McCarthyism

Stop and frisk and the patriot act (as well as numerous other surveillance or search and seizure laws) are both clear violations of the 4th amendment

The alien and sedition act violated the 1st amendment, as did the espionage act passed by Dickless (sorry, I meant Woodrow) Wilson

Voter ID laws (as they exist currently) are a clear violation of the 24th amendment

I can keep on going if you’d like but I think I’ve made my point clear


You’re point is in direct support of mine. Those were heinous acts of degrading our American Culture. Our culture is enplaned in the Constitution of the United States of America and the actions our founding fathers took to secure freedom for all Americans, Abraham Lincoln and the Republican’s actions to include black Americans in that sphere, and Theodore Roosevelt’s action to spread our values to the whole of the world. The PATRIOT Act, Stop and Frisk, Woodrow Wilson’s globalist authoritarian pushes, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s globalist authoritarian pushes, and Voter ID laws, Senator McCarthy’s illegal trials of Americans, these are all examples of pushes to destroy and erode our individual rights.

I fear not evil individuals, I fear the ideals these individuals push in the name of the greater good.


Amen brother. Sorry if I misheard, I’m just used to “degrading American culture” meaning “people who aren’t white evangelical conservatives are all evil satan-worshiping communists”


Wat -Socialist

Christian’s have been sympathetic to socialist views for a long time, because they know they are accurate, there is even Christian theology that emerged called liberation theology in South America. But holy shit this is an ahistorical point, the “tearing” apart was due to the fact Christians where having a massive theological crisis every 5 minutes that Constantine and later emperors had to solve

Wildley innacurate view of what socialists are about. But regardless, according to you Rome should have fell apart before it became an empire, literally


So what societies have always done? Hell even facisms adherents do this, it’s modernist ideology