Panik question


how do you get past the 2nd level. i get all the orange bombs that i know of and the damn door wont open for me to go through to the next level.

this is for the game panik.


Sometimes it will, sometimes it wont. I’ve had that problem on the 1st level too.


there is a bomb off screen in the top left corner of the level on level 2. jump out and fall down some and you should pick it up


Thanks for the tip. it worked.


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Or maybe I’m completely wrong and just got lucky and found that bomb on accident…


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there you had to go and spoil the secret for us :smiley:


haha, a secret cant be a secret forever :smiley:


well, if your gay :gay


then the secret remains “in the closet”


unless one “comes out the closet” :tard


you are correct lemon man